Want a boat that's the jack-of-all-trades? Quick to prep? Durable and balanced?
And you can tailor to your liking? Look no further!
This plastic beauty is the ruler of the waves.
With its Flat Cat hull design, it's smooth sailing for you and your mates, even when you're speeding like a cheetah! And with 2 build-in hatches, 4 stainless handles, a front trolling motor mount, and a stronger transom, this boat is the real deal.
Plus, it's built for comfort, featuring a divided deck perfect for two fishin' fanatics, all without saggy seats or wobbly benches.
This tough guy can carry over 550kgs, and yet it only weighs 80kgs!
That's a load off your shoulders, isn't it? Plus, you can add up to 5 extra hatches for even more storage! And when it's time to go, just pop it on your bakkie, your trailer, or even your roof rack - easy peasy!
No more worrying about punctures, fixes, or cracks - this boat is built to last. And with UV protection, you can pass it down for generations to come!

Crafted from tough 8mm polypropylene plastic with UV armor, this bad boy can hold up to 500kg!
SADSAA gives it a thumbs up! Say goodbye to leaks, patches, and endless pumping - more fishing, less fixing!
Bye-bye pontoons, hello extra room! Rock-solid stability, it won't tip even if you try!
Bigger, wider, deeper, stronger - it's a water warrior!
Smooth sailing and nearly half the deck space for you and your fishing buddy to conquer the waves!


Please note that all boats are made upon order and takes 4-6 weeks

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About Angle Crafts

Angle Crafts was established in 2016, when Brett Apker the owner of Angle Crafts, a passionate and avid fisherman since the tender age of 5, saw a gap in the market for a durable, light, cost effective and convenient fishing boat, to get a fisherman / mariner onto the water quickly, and conveniently, without any headaches and without breaking the bank.
And so, the Angle Craft brand was born.

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